Posted on November 9th, 2017

The Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation recently awarded $250,000 in its “Grants for the Common Good” program to fifteen organizations working in Georgetown County. This competitive grant cycle was completed in late October.

Amanda Young, Grants & Program Manager, said, “The Foundation is dedicated to supporting charitable causes serving Georgetown County. These organizations all share our goal of improving the quality of life for Georgetown County residents. We are honored to support them, and we hope that everyone will consider giving their time, talent and treasure to these fine organizations.”

Three areas of the Bunnelle Foundation mission were addressed in this cycle. Awards made in the area of “Meeting Basic Human Needs” were to American Red Cross, $13,000; Black River United Way, $20,000; Georgetown County Diabetes CORE Group, $15,000; Georgetown County Water & Sewer District, $20,000; Lowcountry Food Bank, $12,000; and Martha’s House, $20,000.

Awards made in the area of “Promoting Economic Vitality” were to 5thT Innovation Group, $20,000; Amazing Journey, $9,000; and St. Cyprian Church Outreach Center, $20,000.

Awards made in the area of “Preserving the Environment” were to American Rivers, $16,872; Avian Conservation Center, $20,000; Huntington Beach State Park, $20,000; Pee Dee Land Trust, $20,000; School of Coastal and Marine System Science, $7,256; and The Nature Conservancy, $16,872.

In the above picture: Fall 17 Grantees from left to right

  1. Susan Tyler, Martha’s House
  2. Debbie Barr, Amazing Journey
  3. Shayla Livingston, Lowcounty Food Bank
  4. Lucy Woodhouse, Black River United Way
  5. Granger McKoy, Avian Conservation Center
  6. Daniel Prohaska, Avian Conservation Center
  7. Johnny Weaver, Pee Dee Land Trust
  8. John Kenny, 5thT Innovation Group
  9. Jan Silverman, 5thT Innovation Group
  10. Michael Roberts, 5thT Innovation Group
  11. Florene Linnen, Georgetown County Diabetes CORE Group
  12. Sister Mary Francis Bassick, St. Cyprian Church Outreach Center
  13. Crystal Geathers, St. Cyprian Church Outreach Center

Click HERE for more information on our Grants for the Common Good, Fall 2017.

The next available competitive cycle begins on December 1, 2017 and will address the Bunnelle Foundation mission area of “Encouraging Positive Youth Development.” Please visit for more information.

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Amanda Young, Grants & Program Manager
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