Posted on March 18th, 2019

Network Administrator Job Description

South Carolina Grantmakers Network (SCGMN) is an unincorporated association of grantmaking organizations serving the state of South Carolina.  Established in 1996, SCGMN currently has 39 member organizations, including private, community, health legacy, and corporate foundations. The primary purpose of SCGMN is to promote networking of its members, enhance the professional education of the membership, foster collaborative funding opportunities, promote philanthropy in South Carolina and leverage influence of Grantmakers in their respective communities. The Network’s programming currently consists of quarterly meetings in Columbia, which typically includes speakers, lunch and a panel discussion. SCGMN anticipates increasing membership, improving the quality of programming and adding an annual conference/forum in future years.

SCGMN is seeking a part-time contractual Network Administrator to support the growth, development and professionalization of the Network. The Network Administrator will work primarily with the Network Chair and Steering Committee to ensure the mission of the Network is achieved. Network Administrator reports to the SCGMN Steering Committee.

Essential responsibilities are outlined below.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Programming – Stay up-to-date on current data/trends, research topics and philanthropy best practices; work closely with Steering Committee, Program Committee and Conference Planning Committee to identify and secure presenters and develop and coordinate program agendas for quarterly meetings and annual conference (beginning in 2020).
  • Membership Growth & Engagement – Develop collaborative relationships with current membership and cultivate relationships with prospective members; Maintain database of membership which includes updating membership contact information on an annual basis; Outreach to prospective member foundations in South Carolina (as well as foundations outside of South Carolina actively involved in South Carolina), targeting those with paid staff or dedicated volunteer leaders; Invite more member representatives to attend meetings and participate in the work of SCGMN, by including them on committees and workgroups, inviting them to present and share their knowledge with others, and engaging them in collaborative activities and actions; Form and operate Program Committee, Conference Planning Committee, and Membership Committee on an ongoing basis; Receive and process all requests for new membership, following the process and procedure approved by the Steering Committee; Work with Steering Committee to implement new member recruitment strategy, as needed; and Notify the Steering Committee when a member decides not to rejoin. 
  • Administrative and Committee Support – Provide support to Steering, Program, Conference Planning and Membership Committees and any ad hoc committees; assist with scheduling committee calls; assist with developing meeting agendas; maintain record of meetings and decisions made through minutes; take notes on action steps needed; follow-up on discussions and assigned items; provide documents and consultation when needed; schedule follow-up calls; complete other tasks as assigned by Chair.
  • Meeting/Event Logistics, Coordination and ManagementIn Advance: Communicate with speakers/presenters related to accommodations, logistics, A/V needs, etc.; ensure speaker/presenter materials are prepared and received in advance (PowerPoints, etc.); plan for honorarium or speaker gifts, if needed; research and secure meeting location(s); coordinate catering/meals; secure hotel accommodations, explore restaurant options for evening dining and plan social activities (when applicable); develop and distribute attendee meeting handouts and materials (nametags, agendas, dining options/directions, conference attendee rosters, etc.). Day of: Coordinate room set-up (laptop, clicker, etc.); ensure speakers/presenters have what they need (chart paper, markers, etc.); work with location staff and caterers to ensure provisions throughout the day are satisfactory (room temperature, etc.). Post event: Develop and send post-meeting or event survey to evaluate sessions along with any shared power point presentations or other relevant presentation documents; provide feedback to Chair and Steering Committee; document and save minutes to ensure accurate record-keeping; send  thank you notes and/or honorarium as applicable.
  • CommunicationsInternal: Create and distribute meeting invitations and track RSVP responses; develop solicitation information for additional funding when needed; encourage members to share information on the website; and assist members looking to share information or announcements via email to the full membership; External: Maintain the SCGMN website; respond to communications received from the website and direct to appropriate individuals.
  • Fiscal Management – In coordination with SCGMN Fiscal Agent, track budget actuals to projected income and expenses; collect invoices and secure payment for all vendors; create and send invoices to foundations for additional meeting attendees; create and distribute annual invoices working closely with the Fiscal Agent regarding incoming invoices and payments; support Chair to research external funding or reevaluate dues structure.

Preferred Skills and Experience:

  • Detail-oriented and highly organized
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Self-motivated and works well independently
  • Comprehensive understanding of non-profit management and philanthropy
  • Experience in leading and facilitating professional and/or community coalitions
  • Demonstrated computer skills including database management and website


  • Proactive, inquisitive and thoughtful 
  • Big-picture view of year to coordinate calendar/scheduling of Steering Committee meetings, quarterly meetings, annual conference (beginning in 2020) and member related activities
  • Professional and nonpartisan – participates without personal or organizational agenda
  • Understands and protects SCGMN as a “safe space” for funders to interact and engage freely without being solicited for additional funding or contract requests to SCGMN members by external consultants or nonprofit organizations within the work/scope of the Network. 

Terms of Contracted Service:

The Network Administrator is an independent contractor and will receive payment (and tax statements) from the SCGMN Fiscal Agent. Network Administrator is expected to work 40-80 hours per month to achieve the SCGMN deliverables outlined above. Additional hours may be added with prior permission from the SCGMN Chair. Network Administrator will be compensated $30 per hour.

Network Administrator will also be reimbursed for out-of-pocket Network-related travel and program expenses (i.e. printing, postage, etc.), not to exceed the approved Network budget. Compensation and reimbursement will be paid on a monthly basis (with accurate and detailed invoicing).

SCGMN will evaluate and contract with Network Administrator on an annual basis. Based on the performance of the Network Administrator and the needs of the Network, there is potential for growth in the number of approved monthly hours by 2021. 

How to apply: Interested applicants should send their resume and cover letter to Holly Furr, Steering Committee Chair, no later than March 31, 2019 at